This spring, give more firsts

Easter is a season of rebirth. Salvation. Transformation.

This spring, we’re sharing three stories of children who — against all odds — were given a first chance at a new life. 

Keep scrolling to meet some of the people whose lives were forever changed thanks to Mercy Ships.

Pierre's first steps

Most children don’t remember their first steps. But Pierre does.

Or, at least, he remembers the first steps he took on straight legs. He was 4, and Mercy Ships volunteers had performed free surgery to straighten his windswept legs. One physiotherapist said Pierre was “one of the worst cases I have seen,” noting he’d have soon lost the ability to walk at all.

But Mercy Ships saved Pierre from a lifetime of disability. 

He can finally walk tall, and his future is full of new possibilities thanks to the life-changing, free surgery he received onboard.


Monique’s first 

Nine-year-old Monique opened her eyes, and everything changed.

For the past three years, Monique had been blinded by severe cataracts that forced her to withdraw from school. Her grandmother Melone, a retired teacher, refused to let Monique fall behind and began home schooling her. She knew an education was Monique’s best chance at a future.

But a 20-minute surgery from Mercy Ships changed Monique’s life forever. 

Her bandages were removed, and she opened her eyes for the first time in three years. Her eyes darted around the room. “I see everything!” she cried. “I see it all!”


Baby Junior’s 
first chance 
at life

Baby Junior’s mother will never forget his first smile. It was the first time she didn’t worry whether he’d survive.

Junior was born with a cleft lip and palate that prevented him from eating properly. At 3 months, he weighed less than he did at birth. 

But Francoise never gave up hope. And her prayers were answered when Mercy Ships arrived near their home in Cameroon. 

Mercy Ships healed Junior’s smile — and gave him a future for the first time. 

Now, Francoise can focus on helping Junior grow healthy and strong so he can pursue his dreams. 


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